Instructions for Downloading your video

Once we have processed your order, you will receive an email from us about your order and it will contain your download link.

The email with the download link is titled “Your America America God Shed His Grace On Thee Film order is now complete”. Here’s a screenshot of what the email with the download link will look like:


Recommendations / Requirements

  • Download while on your home internet
  • Download on a laptop or desktop computer
  • Temporarily turn off power save / screen savers (anything that will interrupt the connection)
  • Make sure you have enough available disk space (4.36GB for the 1080p file)
  • Use a browser that has a resume download feature (e.g. Brave, Chrome, Firefox)
  • You must be logged in to your account in order for the download to start. If you just ordered and are using the same browser, then you most likely are already logged in. You will see a message letting you know to log in if you aren’t.



If the download doesn’t finish / you receive a network error:

These large files need a steady connection for a long period of time in order to complete downloading. Interruptions can happen from time to time. If you do see a network error like the below image, first attempt to resume the download.

If resuming fails, try the download again, saving it with a new filename or in a different directory to make sure you’re getting a fresh download.



If the download fails repeatedly and you exceed your download limit

Please get a hold of us. We will reset your download limit for your account and get the file to you another way.



If the movie starts playing in your browser instead of downloading, you can do the following to download the file:

PC/Laptop Downloads:

  1. Click the download link inside your purchase email and the video window will open up for you (Screen Shot 1).
  2. To download your file, click the three dots in the bottom right corner to download.
  3. Save to your folder of choice and enjoy.












Mobile Device Downloads:

  1. Click the download link inside your purchase email and the video window will open for you.
  2. On your mobile device (iPhone shown) click the download/upload icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Click and save to your files and enjoy.